Business & Technology

The Business & Technology department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer science, engineering, financial literacy, economics, digital media and more. Students experience a hands-on, comprehensive educational program consisting of project-based, creative explorations, building, coding, electrical engineering, and problem-solving.

Business & Technology Department

(0550) Robotics

In a flexible format, students will learn about engineering and engineering problem solving. They will be given thorough introductions to the VEX Robotics Design System and the ROBOTC programming language. The course includes a hands on experience building the VEX EDR Clawbot and utilizing its variety of sensors as well as prototyping in a computer-based virtual world.. By the end of the course, the student’s robot will be able to operate both autonomously and under remote control. Throughout the year, students will strengthen valuable team-building skills as they collaborate with their peers to direct their robot to overcome a variety of challenges. They will learn key STEM principles through a process that captures the excitement and engagement of robotics. Finally. the last weeks of the course will introduce Autodesk® Inventor®, a popular and powerful computer assisted design program. (2.5 credits)

(068S) Media Marketing and Broadcast Journalism

In the Media, Marketing & Broadcasting course, students will strategically interpret, plan and design different forms of mass media; design basic digital graphics for online use; understand how to effectively promote a brand or organization both online and on campus; conduct solo and tandem on-camera broadcast segments; understand jounralistic writing principles as it pertains to online content creation. (2.5 Credits)

Broadcast Multimedia

In Broadcast Multimedia, students will learn and practice skills for effective storytelling in written, audio and video formats. Students will obtain hands-on experience with audio and video equipment, basic video editing, and production operations. Students will collaborate to create online content and develop a portfolio of creative, original projects, including but not limited to journalistic articles, video features, event broadcasting, and podcasting. (5 credits)

(610) Freshman Computer Seminar

A course meant to introduce incoming students to the technology environment at CBA, and to ensure at least a minimum common level of competence using the software that is available for student use at CBA. Emphasis will be on using technology to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. This course meets two times/cycle for the full year and is graded Pass/Fail. (2 Credits)

(624S) Introduction to Computer Science

This course will survey topics in computer science. Topics will include networking, HTML (web-page layout), computer logic, and the history and uses of technology. All topics are presented with an emphasis on real-world applicability. This course meets 5 times/cycle for one semester. (2 Credits)

(624H) Introduction To Computer Science – Honors

This course will introduce topics in computer science with a strong emphasis on computer programming. Other topics will include number/switching theory, and game design. ICS-H is an excellent preparation for the Advanced Placement Computer Science course and is recommended for those interested in scientific, mathematic or technical majors. This course meets five times/cycle for one semester. Departmental approval is required. (2 Credits)

(642S) Graphic Design

This one-semester course introduces the students to the principles of graphic design with a hands-on approach. Students will explore vector and raster graphics as well as real-world examples of graphic design in action.

(642A) Advanced Placement Computer Science

This course will prepare students to take the AP Computer Science Exam, as prescribed by the College Board. The College Board mandates the use of Java as the language platform. This course meets six times/cycle for two semesters. Each student is required to take the AP Exam to satisfy the course requirements. Admission is by special application. (5 Credits)

(644S) Intro to Python Coding

This one-semester course introduces the student to the Python programming language – a popular modern object-oriented programming language that is used in data processing, machine learning, web applications, and artificial intelligence as well as game and production software design. The course is taught with a problem-solving and practical approach.

(645H) Data Science

Students will be able to gather, manipulate, and interpret data in productive and useful ways. In addition, students will understand how to set up computerized systems to collect and work with data. Finally students will learn modern tools for generating reports and visualizations from data. This course will give students a greater understanding of the field of data science, and prepare them with a strong foundational groundwork for a course of study in this branch of Computer Science. This is a one-semester honors-weighted course.

(646S) Intro to Java

This pre-AP course introduces the student to the Java programming language. It meets twice per cycle throughout the Junior year.

(640s) Introduction to Business

This course provides a study of the role of business in our economic system and analyzes the changes occurring in business today. Topics explored in this course include basic economic principles, the world of finance and investment, accounting, government and taxes, and the impact of computers on all aspects of business. (5 Credits)

(640H) Economics - Honors

Honors Economics will offer an in depth analysis of Macroeconomic principles, achieved with a mixture of macro theory and real-world application. This is a full-year course designed to introduce the student to important fundamental economic topics such as Economic Growth, the concepts of Supply and Demand, Unemployment, Inflation, Money and Banking, Fiscal Policy and International Economics. (5 Credits)


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