National Honor Society (NHS)

Chartered at the Academy in 1965, The Saint de La Salle Chapter of the National Honor Society exists to promote scholarship, service, leadership and character among high school students. Membership is open to students who have completed at least five semesters at CBA and who exhibit the qualities outlined below to an exceptional degree.

Those students with the minimum academic average are invited to complete an application. Applications for rising Seniors are considered in September. Applications for Juniors and Seniors are considered in January. The Induction Ceremony is held at the Honors Convocation, typically held in February.

A standing committee of the faculty sets the standards and governs issues of discipline of members. Ms. Biloholowski serves as CBA’s NHS advisor.

Students of the Saint de La Salle Chapter display the following qualities to an exceptional degree:


To qualify for admission, a student must have a minimum cumulative CBA grade point average of 92%.


Service, which reflects a commitment to the life both of the CBA and local communities, is determined through participation in clubs and athletics at the school and volunteering in the local community. Consideration is given to all qualifying activities since the beginning of freshman year.

Academy Activities:

Academy activities are assigned either a one or two point rating. Activities that have a two-point rating require a substantial time commitment and more responsibility beyond attending and participating in meetings. A list of one and two point activities is provided in the CBA Student Handbook.

Upon application for admission to NHS, each candidate must have completed a total of ten activity points four of which must represent a two year commitment to a single 2 point activity. Points are earned per activity upon completion of the program year and verification by the relevant coach or moderator that the applicant has been a regular and contributing participant.

Community Service:

For rising Seniors who submit an application for September consideration, a minimum of 140 verified and documented hours is required.

For students who submit an application for February consideration, a minimum of 130 verified and documented hours is required for Juniors and a minimum of 150 verified and documented hours is required for Seniors.

The total number of hours includes those required for the Service Program. The CBA Student Handbook provides guidance regarding service activities which qualify for NHS consideration.


Each member of the National Honor Society is a positive and contributing individual both at CBA and within the community. Those considered for membership in the Society must receive favorable ratings from the faculty. Each candidate must have a satisfactory discipline record, and demonstrate a consistent pattern of honesty and integrity in academic, social and co-curricular concerns.

All members of the National Honor Society are evaluated at the beginning of each semester. Any member not maintaining the standards which originally merited his selection will be placed on probation and subject to dismissal.


Clear evidence of leadership, either an elected or appointed position, or a project or activity which reflects initiative and leadership, is required.