Campus Ministry

Liturgical Ministries

Catholics are called by the Church to a “full, conscious, and active participation” in the Sacred Liturgy. To support that kind of participation by all in every celebration of the Mass, students and faculty are invited to serve the community in four different capacities, all essential to our Mass celebrations.

The young men are asked to present themselves as candidates for these ministries in May (or in the case of incoming freshmen over the summer). Those selected for the various ministries are confirmed and blessed at the Mass of the Holy Spirit early in September, to serve through that school year.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Minister Holy Communion to God’s people under the forms of bread and wine. Only a few will be chosen for this most sublime duty, and they will serve at Daily Mass as well as the full-community Masses. EMHCs will be selected from those in grade 12, and from among the faculty.

Altar Server

Lead liturgical processions; assist the priest and the deacon with the sacred books, vessels, and linens. Open to freshmen.

Mass Reader

Proclaim the Scripture readings, lead the responsorial Psalms, and announce the petitions of the General Intercessions. They are scheduled to serve at Daily Mass, as well as the full-community Masses. Open to grades 10 and up.

Minister of Hospitality

Assist the community to find their seats before the celebration, and to move gracefully through the Communion procession. Also seeks out assistance for those in distress. Open to grades 10 and up.

Ministry of Sacred Music

Play instruments to support singing, and lead the community in singing the hymns and the fixed parts of the Mass. Open to all grades.

For more information on ministries and to get involved, contact:
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Mr. Frederick DiBrienza , Jr.
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