Quinn Library & Media Center

Completed in 2012 as part of the Project 50th Campaign, the Quinn Library & Media Center strives to share the mission of Christian Brothers Academy and the legacy of St. John Baptist de la Salle by providing information resources that will best support and enrich the curriculum for our students.

The Quinn Library plays a crucial role in student learning. Our students must become skillful consumers and producers of information from various sources and formats in order to become “information literate” citizens in today’s technological world. While conducting research, students are exposed to a full range of information concepts, strategies and abilities that can be transferred to all academic areas and continued throughout life. At the same time, the Quinn Library staff strives to convey the importance of evaluating information and ideas so that students become critical thinkers and ethical users of information and effective communicators.

Student-Centered Learning Environment

The Quinn Library is a hub of activity from opening at 7:30 AM until closing at 5:00 PM. The Quinn Library provides a comfortable space for students and faculty to read, conduct research and study quietly. This student-centered learning environment allows our students to work and learn individually in our main room or collaboratively in one of our group study rooms. In addition, there are 23 computers available all day for student use to conduct research, finish assignments or check out colleges.  A computer lab is also available for bibliographic instruction and class-assigned research.

Network of Resources Available Anytime, Anywhere

Access to all resources, including the Colt Catalog, is available anywhere on campus. Home access for our digital resources is also available 24/7 with a password obtained during freshman orientation. Our collection includes:

  • Approximately 10,000 print books
  • Over 2,000 e-books
  • 35 print periodicals and thousands more online
  • 37 subscription databases
  • Online video tutorials available campuswide

The Quinn Library is a member of the American Library Association, the Catholic Library Association, the American Association of School Libraries & Library Link, part of the NJ State Library Network.


Photo of Dr. Sylvia McInerney
Dr. Sylvia McInerney
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 105
The importance of the library exists within all disciplines and often transcends them, providing students with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue learning throughout their lives.