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Stay informed. Get involved. Give back.

Welcome back to your alma mater! Since 1986, the Christian Brothers Academy Alumni Association has made it our mission to foster spirit among our now-11,000+ alumni.

The business of the Alumni Association is conducted through its elected Board of Officers. The officers are elected each spring and typically serve two-year terms. The officers work to build a culture of pride and engagement by ensuring alumni stay informed, get involved and give back.

We invite you to browse the Alumni webpage and contact us with any questions.

Involvement Opportunities!


Join 90+ Academy graduates who serve their class years as Alumni Class Reps. Help Alumni Relations reach out to your classmates and join us at exclusive Class Representative events. Contact Tom Ferro, director of the program, at tferro@cbalincroftnj.org for more information or to get involved.


The Alumni Association hosts two or three Networking Nights each school year, including an event in Monmouth County and another event in New York City. Stay tuned to your email and Facebook for announcements on each date!


Your CBA graduating class is celebrated every five years at the annual CBA BBQ in June. Aside from that special welcome, many classes choose to plan additional events during that weekend – from golf tournaments to dinners in Red Bank. If you would like to help plan reunion events for your class, you can join your class committee.

Contact Alumni Relations

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The 2020-21 Officers

  • President: Joe Kraft ’93
  • Vice President: William Denver ’88
  • Secretary: Steve Nardiello ’97
  • Treasurer: Bart Henderson ’08
  • Moderator: Peter Lyden ’75

Upcoming Events

Next Alumni Association Meeting

TBA in September 2022!

Recent Alumni News

Five individuals and one state championship team were inducted on March 18.
Tomaino has taught at CBA since 2003 and serves as the chair of the Business & Technology Department.
Five individuals and one state championship team will be inducted on March 18.
Frake has been teaching math at CBA since 2009 and remains very active in Academy life.