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The Hall of Fame Gala has been rescheduled for September 18, 2021 at Gibbs Estate.

Welcome back to your alma mater! Since 1986, the Christian Brothers Academy Alumni Association has made it our mission to foster spirit among our now-11,000+ alumni.

The business of the Alumni Association is conducted through its elected Board of Officers. The officers are elected each spring and typically serve two-year terms. The officers work to build a culture of pride and engagement by ensuring alumni stay informed, get involved and give back.

We invite you to browse the Alumni webpage and contact us with any questions.

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Photo of Mr. Patrick McGann
Mr. Patrick McGann
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 214

The 2020-21 Officers

  • President: Joe Kraft ’93
  • Vice President: William Denver ’88
  • Secretary: Steve Nardiello ’97
  • Treasurer: Bart Henderson ’08

Upcoming Events

Next Alumni Association Meeting

Tuesday, March 2nd

7:00 PM / TBA Format

Recent Alumni News

Morizio is the ICU medical director at Miami's Palmetto General, while also entertaining hundreds with his weekly cooking show.
Economou is the Program Director of Applied Psychology at Rutgers, as well as runs his own counseling practice.
The CBA basketball legend held the Colts' scoring record for over 40 years.
Dr. George Sheehan was one of three founders of CBA and an enthusiastic runner.