St. Miguel Program Pathway

St. Miguel Program: can be taken with our without Math Support

  • Freshman and Sophomore Years: Learning Strategies class twice every six day cycle and individual or small group meetings with a learning support specialist once every six day cycle
  • Junior and Senior Years: while primarily for students’ 9th and 10th grade schooling, the St. Miguel Program can continue to support students through 11th and 12th grade if needed
  • Learning Center access all 4 years
  • Math Support is an optional addition to the St. Miguel Program and would include a focus on math skill development in addition to general learning support strategy

Ideal candidates for the St. Miguel Program are those who may or may not have a diagnosed learning difference and don’t require intensive academic support, but will benefit from the development of learning

The Learning Strategies class coupled with once a cycle meetings will count as a two and a half credit class graded as pass/fail. Students will be graded on how well they are utilizing the strategies they have been learning.

  • Students in the St. Miguel Program will attend the Academic Learning Strategies class during Period Zero twice a six day cycle in a small group of no more than ten students for the full school year.
    • Note-taking skills, time management, organization, study skills and test taking strategies are examples of the specific learning strategies that will be developed.
    • Period Zero meetings from 7:35 A.M. – 8:15 A.M.
  • Once every six day cycle students will meet with their learning strategies teacher in a group of one to three students
    • Extra Help
    • Check-ins on all of their classes to ensure they are utilizing the learning strategies across the entire curriculum
  • Access to th Learning Center staffed by a teacher from the PLUS Program before and after school, and during free periods to complete tests or quizzes as a study hall.