At CBA, we recognize the importance of having access to transportation for your son – whether that be from your district or alternative options if your district does not provide busing or if you live outside the 20 mile limit.
Below are some helpful guidelines on the transportation process.
How does it work?

  • Busing to CBA comes directly from your resident school district. This is the township to which you pay your taxes.
  • For your son to be eligible for transportation by your school district, you must live more than 2.5 miles and less than 20 miles from CBA.
  • If you are eligible for busing through your district and a bus is not provided, you may be entitled to Aid-In-Lieu. Aid-In-Lieu is financial assistance provided by school districts that do not provide busing to its eligible students. Presently aid-in-lieu is set at $1000.00 annually and is paid to eligible families directly by the applicable school districts.

*You do not have the option of choosing aid-in-lieu over busing if a bus is offered to you.*

The Transportation Process is as follows:

  • Every January, CBA will ask you to complete a B6T transportation form for the following school year. This form must be completed by all students. The B6T transportation forms are verified by CBA for accuracy and sent to your school district for processing.
  • With the exception of a few school districts, most districts use MOESC (Monmouth Ocean Education Services Commission) to handle their nonpublic school busing. In turn, MOESC plans the routes and bids them out to the busing companies. The managing of the bus process is handled by MOESC and your school district. CBA has no input at all with respect to which bus company is used or the logistics of such bus routes. Pick up times and bus stop locations are determined and provided by MOESC or your school district.
  • Your school district and/or MOESC will communicate your son’s bus information during the summer months. They are also responsible for letting you know if your son will not be receiving busing.

Please visit the MOESC Transportation site here for answers to specific questions.

While CBA does not provide district busing for our students, we do work to offer alternative options for our families.

  • At this time, CBA runs a Charter Bus for our students in the Toms River/Point Pleasant area.
  • We maintain a carpool sharing page on our parent portal to help parents connect with local families.

We continually analyze our enrollment with a view towards busing needs and try and meet those needs the best way possible.