Service Programs

The Brother Joseph Miggins Service Program is meant to inspire Academy men to become true community leaders through service for others. The heart of the Gospel, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” serves as the guiding principle. The program’s goal centers on expanding each student’s perspective of the world, those in it, and connecting them with the truly needy; those who seek a more human quality of life.

Service Hour Requirements by Class Year

To graduate, each Academy man is required to complete a minimum of 70 service hours. Additionally, every student must meet the service hour minimum requirement each year for their specific class year as set forth below. A student who completes 70 hours in one year is still required to complete the minimum hours each subsequent year. Students are encouraged to exceed the required amounts. The Class of 2022 averaged over 100 total hours per student.

CBA students volunteering at the Holiday Express Christmas Party for those with physical disabilities.
The minimum service hour requirements by class year are:

  • Freshman Year: 15 Hours
  • Sophomore Year: 20 Hours
  • Junior Year: 20 Hours
  • Senior Year: 15 Hours

What Qualifies?

A generous service to the less fortunate, the needy, the dependent and the poor.

This includes:

  • Lasallian Youth Projects
  • Special Olympics, ARC, and Challenger Sports Programs
  • Soup Kitchens, Habitat for Humanity
  • Altar Serving, teaching CCD
  • Tutoring and similar service projects

What Does NOT Qualify?

A selfless activity that may indeed be generous, but is not oriented towards the less fortunate, the needy, the dependent or the poor.

This includes:

  • Athletic competitions and practices
  • Chores for family members
  • Personal employment
  • Apprenticing, mentoring or job shadowing with a business professional

Start Early, Track Often!

Encourage your son to (1) start as soon as possible and (2) track his service hours. This is a vital component for completing his Service Hours Summary, the National Honor Society application, and any job or college applications.

School Representative
Matt Meehan
Director of Mission Integration