Academy Life

Clubs & Activities

  • Academic Team

    The Academic Team is an organization open to all students interested in broadening their academic life. Members of the Academic Team participate in local and state academic tournaments: Gateway Toyota Academic Challenge, Knowledge Masters National Tournament, B.R.I.T.E., M.A.S.T. Academic Tournament and Leonia Tournament. Practice is held once a week on Tuesday mornings.

  • Academy Torch

    The Academy Torch is the school newspaper which provides an opportunity for students to report on the news around Christian Brothers Academy. Consisting of news, sports, features, and editorials, The Academy Torch offers students the satisfaction of having their work published and provides them with valuable hands-on experience in journalism. Writers meet once a week. Read more.

  • Action For Animals

    The Action for Animals club is a new organization at CBA that focuses on helping animals in our community. The mission of the students is to bring more awareness to the CBA campus through fundraising, adoption promotions, supply drives and more. Read more.

  • Ambassadors Program

    The Ambassadors Program is a group of students who represent and promote CBA both on and off campus. It is open to all students. Ambassadors participate in grammar school recruitment visits, tours of the school, Colt for a Day visits, Open House, Incoming Freshman Entrance Exam, Incoming Freshman Welcome Reception, Incoming Freshman Barbecue, Freshman Registration, the Brother Christian Jones Math Contest and other miscellaneous events throughout the year. Ambassadors meet once a month – communication is mostly done via email.

  • Arister

    Arister is the Christian Brothers Academy literary magazine.  It offers all students an opportunity to publish creative writing. The members solicit work from the student body and are involved in material selection, editing and copy preparation. Students meet approximately two to three times during the first semester and many times between January and April.

  • Art Club

    The goal of the after school Art Club is to expose students to a variety of medium, to develop their style, to enhance their abilities and to nurture a love for fine arts.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    CBA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the only high school BJJ club in the state of New Jersey. The club is dedicated to having fun, promoting health and building confidence all while developing life-saving skills. Read more.

  • CBA Classical Cultural Society (CBACCS)

    CBACCS is an organization open to all students interested in learning about classical culture, both Greek and Roman, through games, hands-on activities, movies and lectures. Some activities are outdoor games (soccer, softball, running, Frisbee), indoor games (Twister, Jeopardy), lectures and answering questions on grammar, culture and derivatives. Currently, one or two offsite activities are planned for each program year. The organization meets twice a month.

  • The Chess Club/Team

    The Chess Club/Team welcomes all students at Christian Brothers Academy. Any student who wishes to play and/or learn chess is encouraged to participate.

    • CHESS CLUB offers students instructions in chess and the opportunity to participate in informal play. The club meets on Tuesdays during the school year.
    • CHESS TEAM offers the students the opportunity to compete in a variety of tournaments, including local, state, national, and other tournaments throughout the year. The team meets every Tuesday and Wednesday from October through April in addition to numerous weekend tournaments.
    • 3rd place in the U1600 section at National High School Championships, Minneapolis
    • Won the National Chess Congress Tournament, Philadelphia
    • Won the New York City U1600 and U1000 Championships
  • Comic Book & Anime Club

    Comic Book & Anime Club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss the stories in older and modern comic books as well as watch and discuss Japanese animation. Students meet four times a month.

  • Flag Football

    Intramurals remain a longstanding tradition at the Academy, and nowhere is competition more fierce than during the flag football season. Driven by the students, the flag football intramural program allows students to pick their own teams and compete tournament-style in a Super Bowl Championship. Read more.

  • French Club

    The French Club is an organization to provide its members with many cultural activities outside the classroom. The club has been in existence since 1989. Activities include watching French films, playing soccer and volleyball games against the Spanish Club, playing French Jeopardy and Scrabble, sampling French foods and trips to France. We encourage all students taking French to become members. The club meets twice a month.

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    FBLA is an organization for students to obtain a better understanding of the different career opportunities offered in Business. Students have the opportunity to hear guest speakers and participate in interactive presentations that develop business acumen.

  • Greek Culture Society

    The Greek Culture Society brings together CBA students who wish to promote and learn about the Greek culture. Read more.

  • Italian Culture Society

    The Italian Culture Society of Christian Brothers Academy is a student group that has been formed so that all CBA students can enhance their appreciation and knowledge of our rich Italian culture. The society creates opportunities to explore the many facets of Italian Culture, and to strengthen bonds between the Italian and American people. They welcome everyone, regardless of race, national origin, or religion. The only requirement for membership is an interest in Italian Culture and a desire to share that interest with others.

    The Italian Culture Society takes part in many events and activities during the year. These activities include a recreation bocce league tournament which recently started this year. They also take part in Italian movie scene by watching cultured movies and enjoying the country’s finest films. Other activities this year include an Italian cooking class with Mr. Asoli, The Epiphany Covered Dish Dinner, as well as a culture-themed party (Una Festa Italiana).

    The moderator of the society is Mr. Cappetta, who is assisted by Stephen Asoli (President), Jack Annunziato (Secretary), Joe Morelli (Treasurer), along with other members. The Italian Culture Society should prove to be a very enriching club and they are always open to new members. Don’t miss out on your prime opportunity for a true experience of Italian culture!

  • Junior Statesmen of America

    Junior Statesmen of America provides a forum for the discussion of politics and current events. Students discuss political issues in a variety of formats including small discussion and formal debates. The club attends the NJ Conference at Princeton and participates in formal and informal debates, discussions and crisis simulations. Students also have the opportunity to attend events off campus. The club meets two to three times a month.

  • Landscape Engineering and Architectural Design Club (LEAD)

    LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CLUB (LEAD)is a group of students dedicated to the refining and maintenance of the plants and nature in general around the campus. The club maintains both courtyards (weeding, planting, etc.) including repairs to the waterfall or rock wall of the pond. Members also volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and other opportunities where landscaping skills are needed. Activities also include guest speakers on pond maintenance, planting new plants, planning for new landscaping and providing Christmas decorations in the courtyard. The club is open to all students and meets ten times during the school year.

  • Lasallian Youth

    Lasallian Youth is open to all students. It offers the student a variety of opportunities to minister to the economically poor through direct service and education in the spirit of St. John Baptist De LaSalle. Lasallian Youth assist in building a faith-filled community at Christian Brothers Academy. Activities include prayer groups, liturgical ministries, collecting for food drives and clothing drives, mission collections, tutoring grade school students in Asbury Park, making and delivering sandwiches to Asbury Park. The standard to be considered members in good standing calls for six hours of service from at least two separate activities. Lasallian Youth meet once a month, every first Monday before and after school.

  • Math Team

    The Math Team offers an opportunity to give students a deeper and more extensive understanding of different areas of Math and to enjoy the competition with other schools as well as intramurals in the solving of a variety of different math problems. There are two annual contests: American and State. There are four leagues: Catholic High School Math League, Shore Math League, Continental Calculus League and New Jersey State Math League. The Varsity Math Team meets once per cycle on “E” days and once per month after school on Mondays. The Junior Varsity Math Team meets once per cycle on “F” days with some students meeting after school on Mondays.

  • Mock Trial

    The Mock Trial Team at CBA is made up of a group of students who are interested in the law and the American justice system, and want to experience it first-hand in the form of a competition. Each year, the New Jersey Bar Association sponsors a statewide mock trial competition for which a “fake case” is created and for which students on high school mock trial teams throughout the state prepare. The Monmouth County competition, of which CBA is a part, is held at the county courthouse in Freehold, in actual courtrooms. The judges in the competition are either real trial judges or trained attorneys. Each school’s team (prosecution and defense teams in a criminal case, or plaintiff and defense in a civil case) consists of attorneys, witnesses, and members of the jury. Students spend the months leading up to the competition, which is in February, studying the evidence given in the case, the depositions and witness statements, expert reports, etc. in order to prepare for their individual roles. It is both a challenging and educational experience!

  • Model U.N.

    The Model U.N. meets regularly on Mondays after school in room 19. The club goes to conferences where they compete against other schools in a setting based on the United Nations. At these conferences, the students are assigned different countries which they then represent in debates. Students are required to do research on their nation so that they can argue in its favor. The next conferences are at Harvard in December, and Georgetown in February. In their free time, the club members can be tourists and go sight-seeing. There are also dances during the conferences. For each trip, members are excused from class.

  • Ping Pong

    Ping Pong is open to freshmen and sophomores who wish to complete in and learn to play ping pong. The club meets one day per week. There are several tournaments during the course of the year.

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Club

    Sci-Fi Club is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the themes and motifs of the science fiction and fantasy genre. Activities include movies and movie reviews, book/short story readings and discussions, games, magic cards and reviewing Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazine. The club meets every Friday. Read more.

  • Science Team

    The Science Team helps students to discover the many science-related opportunities that exist. The students participate in science activities and field trips. Some of the activities include the Science Olympiad, Science Bowl and Science League. The Science Team meets twice a week.

  • Ski Club

    The Ski Club provides opportunities for CBA students who enjoy the sport and to ski/snowboard with their CBA friends. We run three weekend trips per year but are also committed to organizing less expensive day trips depending on interest, good weather conditions and timing. The club has one organizational meeting per year. The Executive Committee meets several times a year.

  • Spanish Club
    The Spanish Club offers students the opportunity to enhance their appreciation and knowlege of Hispanic culture.The Spanish Club meets twice a month on Wednesdays from 2:45 to approximately 4:00. The moderators of the club are Señora Ver Hoven, Señorita Nicastro and Señora Puga. The Spanish Club takes part in many events and activities during the year. These activities include:
    • Viewing movies in Spanish
    • Playing soccer, volleyball and ping pong against other language clubs
    • Spanish Jeopardy
    • Spanish Trivial Pursuit
    • Spanish Scrabble
    • Hispanic food sampling
    • Trips to the Cloisters Museum in NYC
    • Trips to the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank to see Man of La Mancha and experience Spanish music and dancing
    • Dining at Juanito’s restaurant
    • Scavenger Hunt and Piñata
  • Student Council

    The Student Council is a student organization set up to enable the student body to assist in the planning of school activities as well as to represent student opinion to the Administration. The Council sponsors several activities throughout the school year including school dances, semi-formal dances, contests and talent shows. The Council Board consists of a chairman, vice-chairman and six committee members.

    The Council meets 2-3 times a month.

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

    Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) strives to raise awareness among students about the dangers of misusing alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs and illegal substances. The club provides speakers focused on making constructive decisions as well as conducts charity fundraisers through contests with faculty, pasta dinners for the troops, raffles and charity dances.

    The organization also includes up to two service opportunities and provides support groups in social settings.

    SADD meets twice a month.

  • Theological Debate Society

    The Theological Debate Society provides an opportunity for students to organize, research and conduct debates centered on prominent theological matters.

    The Society meets twice a month.

  • Video Game Club

    The Video Game Club gives students an opportunity to relax and gather with their friends and classmates while playing video games. The Club also hosts and participates in video game tournaments.

    This club meets once a week.

  • Worship Ministry

    WORSHIP MINISTRY (MUSIC) is designed to facilitate the communal and spirit-filled celebration of the Eucharist by leading worship through song. Students meet one to three times before each Liturgy (approximately 15–20 times).

    All students are welcome to join.

  • Yearbook
    The Christian Brothers Academy Yearbook is entitled Pegasus.
    Now in its 52nd year of publication, Pegaus aims to capture the spirit and activities of the Academy in any given year through words and pictures.
    Production begins in the Spring with the selection of a theme and cover design. There is a break in production over the summer before beginning again in October. All work is usually completed by Easter.
    The yearbook is traditionally printed and delivered to CBA by mid-May and released exclusively to seniors on the morning of graduation. Underclassmen traditionally receive their yearbook the following week. The production of the Pegasus is solely funded through student fees and is distributed to all students annually.
    Students work in conjunction with Jostens Yearbook and Normandy Studio for publiching and photgraphy, respectively. Student photographers are especially welcome to take photos through the year to capture the spirit of CBA.

    Now in his 11th year, Mr Jack Thawley serves as yearbook moderator.