St. John Baptist de La Salle had a special concern for the youths of his day, and he inculcated that same preference to those who joined his community.

Moreover, he insisted that the young people he worked with should bear each others’ concerns. Those who were brighter were to tutor those who experienced some difficulty. Those who had food would share with those who did not. In the 1960’s a movement began in Spain, and spread throughout the Continent, and then to wherever the Brothers were found. This movement began among the students themselves, and came to be called the Lasallian Youth.

CBA’s chapter of Lasallian Youth was founded in 2001. Now, activities include preparing and serving lunches to poor people and tutoring youngsters in after-school programs. Through these devoted young men, the Founder’s concerns are extended to the present day. While there is an emphasis on action in the world, that action is always understood in the context of an active prayer life.

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