The Academy Fund FAQs

What is the Academy Fund?

The Academy Fund is Christian Brothers Academy’s annual campaign to raise funds in support of the school’s operating budget. The caliber of the CBA experience depends greatly on the resources available to the school. We ask the entire community – parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty and staff and friends of the Academy – to participate.

Like the majority of independent schools, we do not charge what it actually costs for each student to attend school. While this might appear to be an unusual business model, independent schools do this for two reasons:

1. To make tuition accessible to as many families as possible which helps keep tuition down, and
2. To enable you to take a 100% charitable tax-deduction for your investment towards Christian Brothers Academy.

Why me? Why CBA?

Christian Brothers Academy merits investment by everyone who sees the value of a Catholic education in the Lasallian tradition. Your gift for The Academy Fund will support an exceptional college preparatory experience while also setting a high standard of holistic education that is fundamental to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Is the Annual Fund the best way to support CBA?

YES! The Annual Fund is our most important source of funding. Not only is the Annual Fund part of the school’s operating budget, but the dollars raised are also immediately accessible and unrestricted. This flexibility allows Christian Brothers Academy to act quickly as opportunities and needs arise, ensure the most comprehensive and holistic education for the young men of CBA.

When should I make my gift?

Our fiscal years runs from July 1 – June 30. Because the Annual Fund is part of our annual operating budget and donations are immediately accessible, giving early maximizes CBA’s ability to continue providing the best education for every student.

Is annual giving unique to CBA?

No. Catholic and independent schools have long relied upon the generosity and loyalty of their constituencies to help advance their mission.

Does my participation in the Academy Fund really matter?

Absolutely. Each gift impacts the school’s ability to continue providing the best education possible for every young man. High participation rates demonstrate a commitment to each other and show prospective families and foundations the strength of the CBA community. We strive for 100% participation and every contribution counts towards our participation rate and bottom line!

I receive Financial Aid... Will giving to the Annual Fund count against me? Would my gift just give the school back the money it gives my family?

We ask all families to continue to the Annual Fund at the level they are comfortable. Contributing demonstrates belief in CBA – our community, our values and ultimately each other – and makes a difference in participation rates. Gifts to the Annual Fund do not affect financial aid packages.

Can my employer match my gift to the Academy Fund?

Most likely, yes. Many employers offer matching gift programs which effectively doubles the amount of a donation made by an employee or their spouse. CBA credits the donor for the total gift.  CLICK HERE to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.  

Are donations to the Academy Fund tax-deductible?

Yes! All gifts to Christian Brothers Academy are fully tax-deductible according to IRS regulations and may be made in the form of case, check, credit card or stock transfer.

To learn more about The Academy Fund, please contact…

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