Performing Arts

Pegasus Production Company has a place for every type of student. Experienced actors and those who have never been on stage are welcome to try out for any part in our productions. Females from the surrounding local high schools are encouraged to join the Company for a unique opportunity to be part of Christian Brothers Academy.

Unlike most high school level programs, Pegasus is a truly student-run initiative. Every aspect, from set design and construction, to costumes and lighting, to sound and even production tech is managed entirely by the students. Company members meet daily September through March and weekly April through May. Officers are chosen based on work ethic, responsibility, experience and their written application. Students must attend 10 meetings per show to be considered a member in good standing.

Some aspect of the Company meets every day after school in the Henderson Theater, but your involvement can be as little or as much as you wish. Visit a rehearsal or email Mr. Orozco at for more information.


A new year means a new board. Say hello to the members of the 2022-2023 Pegasus board!
Stage Manager: Ian Hoffman 23’
Tech Director: Sean Procyk 23’
Art Director: Eamon Sullivan 23’
Master Carpenter: Sukhraj Goraya 23’
PR Director: James Nardiello 24’
📸:Larry Levanti


We all have a little more homework to do because 13! was nominated for seven Basie awards! Best Music Direction, Best Choreography, Best Small Musical Ensemble, best Chorus, Best Supporting Actress and Actor, & Best Overall Production. On 5/25 we will perform at the Basie!


A successful Opening Weekend at Pegasus Production Company! 13 opened to great success, followed up by a brilliant alumni show, and finishing with a matinee like no other! Be sure to get your tickets now at

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