A Family of Funds

Academy Life

CBA continues to pride itself on educating the entire person: spiritually, mentally and physically. By choosing this designation, you ensure your gift will help to provide Student Field Trips, Service Programs, Retreats as well as Clubs and Activities.


Our robust athletics programming offers the young men the opportunity to be part of a team while growing in personal physical fitness and character. Your gift will support our coaches, cutting edge equipment, transportation costs, and the upkeep of our athletic facilities and fields.

Innovative Curriculum

Gifts support CBA’s commitment to provide an innovative and inclusive curriculum that inspires a passion for learning and continues to differentiate CBA as a top educational institution in the area.

Area of Greatest Need

By donating to the Area of Greatest Need, you are allowing the school to use your contribution where it is most vitally needed.

Student Financial Assistance

Gifts support CBA’s commitment to attract talented, motivated students who have a passion for learning. These funds enable the school to provide financial assistance to qualified families who would otherwise not be able to be part of our community. These students can benefit from an Lasallian education and share their talents with our learning community.

Digital Media, Fine & Performing Arts

Every student at CBA has the opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves through Digital Media, Fine and Performing Arts. Your gift will support our moderators, provide up to date equipment, increase amount of materials and instruments.

Faculty Support & Professional Development

Gifts support the outstanding faculty who continues to be the hallmark of a CBA education. These funds will help recruit and retain the very best teachers. Donations will provide them with opportunities to continually expand their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and, in turn, enhance the educational experiences for the Academy Men.

The Academy Fund’s Family of Funds supports our students and faculty in the current academic year through the school’s operating budget. Should designated contributions exceed a designation’s budgeted need, the school will direct contributions to the area of greatest need.