Academic Philosophy

A Lasallian Education

Over three centuries ago, St. John Baptist de La Salle founded the tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. De La Salle was an educational innovator who saw that all children deserved to be enlightened. He developed instructional techniques that continue to be used today in schools like Christian Brothers Academy.

One of the basic commitments of the Lasallian spirituality of education is the devotion to accessible and comprehensive education. The teachers and administrators at CBA understand that learning is more than a collection of facts and figures; at CBA, the academic program exists principally to help students become young men of Christian maturity and responsible character.

As a student, you will be taught by talented professionals, committed to the ideals of Lasallian education. Our teachers model the practices of St. John Baptist de La Salle by showing the presence of Jesus in themselves and seeking it out in each individual student. Much will be expected of you, but as our graduates have proven for over 50 years, the benefits of an Academy education are well worth the effort.

Success Starts Here

  • The Academy curriculum gives students a tremendous advantage in the upper tier college admissions process.
  • 94% of last year’s graduating class currently attend a college/university ranked by US News and World Report
  • 69% received a merit-based scholarship.
  • We offer 24 AP offerings, 44 honors classes, and many more out-of-class learning experiences.

Our Expectations

Students at CBA work very hard at their studies. As freshman are told at orientation, three to four hours of homework a night is the normal workload. When students’ academic achievement is so highly prioritized, the temptation to make poor decisions can rise. Engaging in acts of academic dishonesty is never the appropriate response to the challenges of CBA’s academic rigors, but neither is elevating the importance of grades on a report card over the greater value of what students learn. The most important lessons that graduates take with them are never the specific details of a multiple-choice test or short answer response. The time spent at CBA is a valuable period of growth and self-discovery. It is the school’s expectation that by making honorable decisions with regard to their academic studies, our students will learn to make similarly sound choices in all aspects of their lives.