Health & Physical Education

CBA’s Health and Physical Education program is designed to promote and encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum focuses on the development of motor-skills, health awareness, sportsmanship and teamwork. The students participate in a variety of physical activities, which enables them to make informed decisions about their personal fitness and set lifetime goals. Health literacy classes provide a clear picture of what a person needs to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, our physical education program nurtures the Christian values modeled by the Lasallian community, which encourages them to collaborate with each other and to display respectful behavior.

Our health classes also implement driver education for our sophomores and group guidance for our juniors.


(0710) Freshman Health

This course meets once per cycle for the entire year. It is a combination of traditional health, social development, and current fitness information. The main concept for the material presented is to promote and inspire our students to strive for the lifelong commitment of maintaining a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Also included in this course is a study skills unit to help prepare the students for the rigors of our academic environment. The classes are discussion oriented. (1 Credit)

(0720) Sophomore Health - Driver Education

The Driver Education course meets three times per cycle for one semester. Its purpose is to help each student develop the proper driving attitude and to instill the knowledge and beginning skills that are important to becoming a safe driver. This goal is achieved through a sequence of interrelated experiences involving classroom instruction, limited car contact, and home assignments. In addition, students will use the N.J. Drivers manual to prepare for the permit test that is given at the end of the semester. (1 Credit)

(0730) Junior Health-Group Guidance

The Junior Guidance course focuses on the concept of finding good college matches for all students. To that end, students will take part in many activities designed to give them a comprehensive, experiential, realistic look at the college search and admissions processes. Students will employ online search engines and other important web tools to find good colleges, obtain career information, begin the application process and find out more about themselves. We will also discuss numerous related topics such as financial aid, college visits and interviews, the concept of a slotted athlete, and the transition to college from high school. (1 Credit)

(0740) Senior Health

The Senior Health course meets once per cycle for a semester. The course is designed to prepare students for a myriad of situations that they will encounter as they leave high school and move on to college. Topics include drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health and dating violence, financial responsibility, stress management, making healthy life choices, nutrition, and college life. (1 Credit)

(0810) Freshman Physical Education

This course meets twice per cycle for the entire year. It is an extension of the classroom discussions on maintaining healthy lifestyles through life-long fitness activities. Developing physical fitness and forming a “team” identity are important themes throughout the year. Each class begins with an active warm-up promoting strength and flexibility to ensure that all students are properly prepared for any athletic activity or physical task that follows. (2 Credits)

(0820) Sophomore Physical Education

This is a one-semester course that meets two times per cycle. It is designed to provide for the particular needs of the students so as to include individual fitness, lifetime recreational activities, and team competition. Each class begins with a fitness program and has a variety of activities offered to encourage maximum participation. Activities are changed frequently to expose the students to a wide range of sports. (1 Credit)

(0830) Junior/Senior Physical Education

The physical education course is designed to provide for the particular needs of our students and are constructed to develop their physical aptitude as well as their health. Activities offered include opportunities to improve individual fitness, compete in team sports, and experience lifetime recreational skills. The classes are conducted two times per cycle and are mandatory for juniors, while seniors may elect to participate. The variety of sports chosen for this course make it a very enjoyable experience. (2 Credits)


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