On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Christian Brothers Academy held a special day-long series of presentations: “Fostering Integrity’ Developing Collaboration: A Middle States Sustaining Excellence Colloquium.” Professionals in the New Jersey grammar school and high school sector as well as members of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools came together for the event. CBA is fully-accredited by the Middle States organization.
The day began with a keynote address from Dr. Mark Brennan, professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and member of CBA’s Class of 1982. Brennan called attention to the increased demands of today’s students and the need for strong moral character development to curtail academic dishonesty.
The focal point of the Colloquium was six distinct breakout sessions, each led be members of CBA’s faculty. These sessions included experience-backed insights into both current classroom initiatives at CBA and new potential applications for better serving the students of tomorrow. Presentations included:
  • “Collaborative Leadership in Community Service,” by Mr. Matthew Butler
  • “Integrated Technology for Alternative Assessments,” by Mrs. Gisela Cordero-Cinko and Ms. Therese Heidelberger
  • “Collaboration and Student Empowerment in Community Service: Project Grove” by Mr. Edward McCulloch
  • “And The Survey Says…Student-Centered Hypothesis Testing,” by Mr. Anthony Cecilione
  • “Fostering Creativity, Student-Guided Interest & Collaboration Through Media & Technology,” by Mrs. Despina Manatos
  • “Quantitative and Qualitative Data: Evaluating the Academy Oath, by Mr. Sean Nunan
The day concluded with a panel discussion of CBA’s student and parent surveys on academic needs, topics, and the impact of the Academy Oath.
About Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools:
The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools accredit early-childhood through post-secondary, non-degree granting public, private, faith-based educational institutions including special purpose schools, supplementary education centers, learning services providers, and distance education institutions.

Profile of A Middle States-Accredited Institution:
  • Adheres to the Middle States Standards for Accreditation;
  • Uses its mission, beliefs, and goals as the basis for daily decision-making;
  • Operates in the public interest and in accordance with ethical practice;
  • Accepts responsibility for the level of performance of its students;
  • Remains committed to continuous improvement in student learning and to its capacity to produce the levels of learning desired and expected by its community;
  • Operates in a collegial and collaborative way with all of its stakeholders;
  • Sustains its focus on implementing recommendations, addressing monitoring issues and correcting stipulations that may be part of its notification of accreditation and
  • Fulfills its maintenance requirements to the Commission.
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About Christian Brothers Academy:
Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) is a private, Catholic, academic preparatory school for boys located in Lincroft, New Jersey. Founded in 1959 and taught in the Lasallian tradition, CBA is dedicated to helping students become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders for society. Through the combined efforts of the Office of Advancement and friends of the Academy, CBA awards over $1.3 million in scholarships and financial aid to current students. Experience the Academy at