Finding Balance, Challenge and Community: Luke Ronayne ’22

When senior Luke Ronayne started his college search during junior year, he remembers honing in on rankings, statistics, and specialty programs.

Sometime during the process, he found himself taking a step back and adjusting the way he was thinking.

“CBA has been a really fulfilling process for me,” he said. “What about CBA that made me love the school?”

Ronayne likes the balance that CBA gave him: challenging academics, a strong sense of community, purpose through faith, and a beautiful environment.

His collegiate choice, he said, ended up lying underneath his nose the whole time: Georgetown University.

Ronayne’s father attended the university and he visited the campus multiple times.

“It has some of the best programs in the world, it’s on the hilltop in D.C., and you have a lot of opportunities for internships and maybe a career someday. I am really happy where I ended up. I feel like I am going to be really comfortable, but still have a good challenge at Georgetown.”

When he arrives on Georgetown’s campus next fall, Ronayne plans on studying mathematics, since he has always had a passion and knack for the subject.

“Initially, I thought I was just good at math, but CBA made me realize that I actually love it, especially applying it to real life situations.”

Just a few weeks ago, Ronayne participated in the MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge as a member of the Math Team. This contest gives each team the unique opportunity to work on a real problem using each member’s individual math toolkits, as well as problem solving and critical thinking.

While he spent 14 hours “locked in a room” during the challenge, he said participating in the event confirmed his passion for math and his ability to work with others in the field.

He plans on enrolling in Georgetown’s five-year mathematics program, in which students earn their master’s degree at the end of the course curriculum.

His obvious love for the subject was furthered in his CBA courses, with some of his favorite teachers and most enjoyable classes coming from the math department.

“Once you find your identity here, you can take that and be confident in what you can do. CBA definitely gives you confidence in your individuality. There really has not been an experience where I have not been happy with a class here.”

Ronayne is a member of CBA’s Senior Scholars Program as well, where he created a custom “Squat Protractor” to encourage correct form when weight training via laser guidance and angle measurement tools.

Ronayne accepting his World Language award at the end of his junior year.

Outside of the classroom, Ronayne has enthusiastically embraced the brotherhood and extracurricular offerings of CBA.

His graduating class will have spent parts of three years navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, but he truly believes that has only strengthen the bond they have as classmates.

“As much as that was tough, I think it did something unique for our class and brought us together in a special way.”

One of the his favorite parts about the Academy is the mutual interest that students have in getting involved and working towards collective goals.

“It is also about putting yourself in a situation where it is like ‘I don’t have to be here, but I know I am choosing to be here and other kids are choosing to be here,’ so it becomes a chance to grow.”

Over the course of his CBA career, Ronayne has been a member of the varsity baseball team, an inductee into the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society, and has worked with Horizons Jersey Shore and its summer program students.

When he looks back on his CBA memories, Ronayne remembers the homeroom competition that happens during the Freshman Welcome Day in September.

“When you are a freshman, you don’t really know that many kids. We all had the same color shirt on and we went around playing all these different games, and we ended up winning the whole thing. I think that was really a bonding experience and something special.”

It was those experiences – where you aren’t necessary best friends with every kid but you work together – that Ronayne will hold onto once he leaves the Academy.

“Those times when you feel like you can help someone out, especially as an upperclassmen. Whether that is helping an underclassmen get appropriated to the school or someone who you are just a social friend with and helping them with a class, I think that is really rewarding.”

Ronayne knows that CBA will live on for decades to come and new generations will have similar – and different – positive experiences like he had in Lincroft. And as someone who has benefited from the culture of the Academy, he is excited for future students to embrace the CBA way.

“At CBA, a stranger in the hallway really isn’t a stranger. There is that connection and I think CBA does a great job creating that connection. I am excited to relive that experience at the university level, but I know CBA has done a really special job with that.”

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