As part of this year’s Senior health curriculum, financial education professional Maura Attardi paid a visit to the senior class in a special 2-period assembly. Attardi, the Director of Education, Development, and Community Relations for Money Management International (MMI), conducts various workshops for organizations like the NFL, WWE, and NCAA.
Her presentation centered on the thinking and planning necessary to create a workable budget in the years following CBA, college, and in entering the workforce.
Oftentimes, young adults encounter a number of financial challenges, both in school and in first starting their career. Attardi showcased the importance of anticipating costs, “paying yourself first,” recognizing the importance of good credit, and setting up a roadmap from which our students can become financially independent.
The seniors were challenged to think critically on a topic that will be integral to their future development. Through a series of exercises, they were able to consider these upcoming expenses and monthly allocations necessary to become financially independent. In the years to come, these lessons learned now will make all the difference.
About Our Speaker
Maura Attardi serves as Director of Education, Development, and Community Relations for Money Management International (MMI). Part of her work centers on financial education workshops for various groups like the NFL, WWE, and NCAA. She travels across the country to help educate consumers on budgeting, credit reports and scores, using credit wisely, building savings, and first time homebuyer education. Over the past five years, Maura has provided financial education to nearly 16,000 consumers.