It’s not every day you get to see the Chair of Peter in person. It certainly isn’t every day that His Holiness, Pope Francis visits the U.S.

We’re lucky to have a Colt who got to witness this amazing event firsthand in Washington, D.C., and it’s all because of his dedication to the service of others.

Matthew Damaskinos ’18 started volunteering at the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen this past summer. Founded by the local music legend, JBJ Soul Kitchen is not your ordinary restaurant. Diners have two options: make a donation, or volunteer for an hour of service. One hour of work cooking, washing dishes, busing tables, or waitressing earns anyone a three-course meal. To cover a meal with cash, a $10 donation can be made, or more if the diner wants to help cover the cost of others.

During Damaskinos time there, the Soul Kitchen was given a group of tickets to see Pope Francis in Washington, D.C. Damaskinos was given two of the tickets to see His Holiness as he addressed Congress at the Capitol building.

This historic event marked the first time a member of the papacy has ever addressed Congress. It was certainly good post to know an Academy man was present to experience it.

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