The Fund for The Academy

The Fund for the Academy is Christian Brothers Academy’s yearly campaign to support the school’s daily operating budget. The entire Academy experience greatly depends on the availability of flexible financial resources. The Fund for the Academy ensures that flexibility by providing an adequate base of resources every year from which to enhance and sustain CBA’s distinctive margin of excellence.

How does The Fund for the Academy support CBA?

It allows us to:

  • Provide academic scholarships and financial assistance to qualified students
  • Support a rich curriculum and maintain optimal student:teacher ratio
  • Enhance the breadth and depth of essential academic programming, a hallmark of a the Academy experience
  • Offer high caliber extracurricular activities, including programs focused on service, arts, culture, ministry & more
  • Constrain tuition growth so we remain accessible to all students
  • Attract and retain qualified, committed faculty, staff and administration, as well as a talented student body
  • Maintain our 157-acre campus and ensure our extensive physical plant remains in efficient condition

Through The Fund for the Academy, programs are strengthened, our personnel is enabled, and our students become empowered. It remains a critical element of ensuring that our students can learn at the highest level, both inside and outside of the classroom. Financial aid is enhanced and more solidly embedded as a core strategic element of our commitment to academic excellence, opportunity creation, and leadership development.

How are donors recognized?

The Fund for the Academy donors, at all levels, will be recognized in CBA’s Annual Report, published in September following the close of the school’s fiscal year on June 30.

It is our sincere hope that all members of our community will share in this responsibility, to support Christian Brothers Academy at whatever level they find appropriate, so that future generations may enjoy the Academy experience and all that it entails.