The Scholarship Initiative

Making the impossible possible. That’s what a scholarship can do for a highly motivated, highly qualified student who aspires to an education that is beyond the reach of his family’s financial capacity. Scholarship support is the deciding factor for students like this, providing them with a pathway from dreams to reality.

Inspired by the vision of enhancing accessibility for in-need students to CBA’s Lasallian education, Brother Frank Byrne has launched the CBA Scholarship Initiative, with the goal of raising $2 million over the next three years.

All members of the CBA community are invited to join this initiative, one which is critical to securing the future of a Lasallian education for many deserving students. Establishing a scholarship is one of the most meaningful ways to ensure that deserving students will continue to have an opportunity to receive an academically rigorous, faith-based education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Funding a scholarship is not just about students, it’s also about you. It offers you an opportunity to honor a loved one, a classmate, or a teacher; and to make a strong statement about your own values.

When you fund a scholarship, you are not only supporting a student in financial need, you are encouraging him to excel in a program or activity that is most important to you.