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CBA Classical Culture Society (CBACCS)

CBACCS is the Academy’s chapter of the National Junior Classical League and the New Jersey Junior Classical League.

Their purpose is to encourage an interest and deep appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. The club focuses on helping students engage with classical culture and explore aspects that may not be part of the classroom experience.

Students take part in different competitions during the year, often applying knowledge learned in Latin classes.Typical activities include scavenger hunts, Ludi Romani (outdoor games such as running races, Frisbee), the World Language Soccer Tournament, Toga Virilis (Induction ceremony), Periculum (Jeopardy), Pictionary, and Saturnaliacelebration (Roman food, games).

Each year, CBACCS participates in the State Certamen (a Latin contest in which members came in 3rd place at upper level this year) as well as the State Convention.

The club meets two to three times per month, and students must attend ten meetings in order to be considered a member in good standing. Officers are elected by the students. All candidates and voters must meet the basic criterion of attendance (a majority of the meetings and dues paid in full).

Students interested in engaging with two prolific cultures of antiquity should consider joining.


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