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Comic Book & Anime Club

A long-standing club at CBA, the Comic Book and Anime Club is one of the Academy’s most creative and enthusiastic student groups. The club is designed to promote the discussion and creation of comics, anime and fiction.

Considered a literary club, this group will read hundreds of comics and anime works per year, leading to some of the most animated conversations among members. Aside from reading and producing comics and anime, the club has supported the Superheroes for Hospice charity, to which CBA students have donated thousands of comics in order to support the Saint Barnabas Health System’s hospice program.

The club meets weekly and students must attend at least half the meetings to be considered in good standing. Mr. DiBrienza and Mr. McCaig have served as club moderators for the past ten years.


Photo of Mr. Frederick DiBrienza Jr.
Mr. Frederick DiBrienza , Jr.
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 339
Photo of Mr. Kevin McCaig
Mr. Kevin McCaig
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 210