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Flag Football

Intramurals remain a longstanding tradition at the Academy, and nowhere is competition more fierce than during the flag football season. Driven by the students, the flag football intramural program allows students to pick their own teams and compete tournament-style, ultimately playing for the CBA Super Bowl Championship.

Competition is open to all grade levels. The intramural program is moderated by Mr. Reynolds.


  1. Click on “Registration” link below
  2. If your family is new to CBA you will be asked to create a user name and a password that you will be required to remember. This will be your login credential anytime you would like to register for sport participation at CBA going forward. Please write it down. If you have had sons at CBA that were athletes and had completed online Athletic Registration, then you are a returning user and should log in with your existing family credentials.


Photo of Mr. Patrick Reynolds
Mr. Patrick Reynolds
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 205