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Science Fiction & Fantasy Club

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Club at CBA looks to promote fellowship and discussion of the science fiction and fantasy genre.

The club’s activities consist of group discussions on science fiction books and films, genre-specific creative writing, and game playing, among other entertaining activities. The club has had science fiction novelists speak to the group from time to time. They also run inter-club gaming tournaments every year.

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Club meets weekly, with students needing to attend at least half of the scheduled meetings to be considered in good standing. Mr. DiBrienza and Mr. Reagan have served as club moderators for the past nine years.


Photo of Mr. Frederick DiBrienza Jr.
Mr. Frederick DiBrienza , Jr.
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 339
Photo of Mr. Matthew Reagan
Mr. Matthew Reagan
Work Phone: (732) 747-1959 Ext 355