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Student Council

The Student Council, one of the largest student organizations on CBA’s campus, is made up of an Executive Board and homeroom representatives tasked with discharging most of the extra-curricular events on CBA’s campus and represent the student opinion to the Administration of CBA. The Executive Board is made up of a president, an upperclassmen and an underclassmen vice president, a secretary, a technology director, colt reporters, and a class representative coordinator.

The 2021-2022 Executive Board:

President – George Kruse ‘22
Upperclassmen Vice President – TJ Meehan ‘23
Underclassmen Vice President – John Lakeman ‘24
Secretary – Michael Earle ‘22
Colt Morning News Report – Harris Mellor ‘22

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Nick Galeotafiore

What does the Student Council do?

The Student Council organizes numerous extracurricular, cocurricular, and service events, organizations, and drives throughout the school year. The events that we organize include but are not limited to:

  • Student Council Retreat
  • Freshmen Run
  • Freshmen Welcome Day
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Dances
  • Semi-Formal
  • Tailgates for Sporting Events
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Day
  • Selling T Shirts
  • Halloween Movie Night
  • Haunted Walk
  • No Shave November for Charity

  • Christmas Decorating
  • Hunger Banquet
  • Catholic Schools Week and Clash of the Classes
  • Day of Service
  • Box Tops Collection
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Polar Plunge
  • Freshmen Sports Series
  • Veteran’s Day Remembrance
  • School Wide Mass/Choir

As the governing student organization of CBA, the Student Council is to represent the student opinion to the Administration by putting forth proposals on school policy.

Student Council Oath

All members of the Student Government recite Oath and receive their student council pin at the student government induction ceremony held at the CBA school-wide Easter Mass each year.

I do solemnly swear that I will diligently execute my duties as a member of the Student Council and will, to the best of my ability, uphold, promote and support the ideas, activities and constitution of the Christian Brothers Academy Student Council. I will serve as a positive role model, leader and voice for the student population and will uphold the values, morals and ideals of Christian Brothers Academy. So help me God.


Photo of Mr. Nicholas Galeotafiore
Mr. Nicholas Galeotafiore